Our strategy: engaging, adapting, and delivering for clients throughout their treatment journey.

 By listening to men and optimizing programming at every phase, we can reach clients where they are and help end AIDS for all.

The MenStar strategy was unveiled during PEPFAR’s 50-nation Country Operational Planning (COP) Meetings in 2020, and adopted as policy in PEPFAR’s COP Guidance. Download strategy.



We listened to men.

Understanding means deep listening. To-date we have interviewed 2,200 men, in South Africa alone. This helps us understand their mindsets and needs so we can adapt our services to meet these them.

Am I HIV positive?
Do I want to know?
This scares me.
But I can't admit that.
I feel alone.
Not Linked
The clinic isn't open after work.
It's just for women and children.
The pills are worse than the disease.
Newly on Treatment
OK. I'll give this a try.
Lost to Follow Up
Why should I go back to the clinic?
The nurse did not respect me.
The line was very long.
My boss is angry I was late.
I know it's important. But!
Virally Suppressed
I was convinced to stay on treatment.
Soon I'll be able to skip the clinic and get my meds (which really aren't bad at all) at the supermarket.
This is good.

MenStar Core Package of Services

We created a Core Package of Services informed by men's insights.

 And we aligned these services to men’s needs across the treatment cascade.

Insight-Driven Programs

MenStar Coalition partners develop programs based on the Core Package framework.

Creating Holistic Change Together

By coordinating these efforts, we can bring more men back into care, and dramatically improve their healthcare experience.

MenStar has put a particular focus on aligning the efforts of public and private sector organizations. 

Go Deep

Download the strategy.

Download the detailed MenStar strategy document.