MenConnect is a mobile platform that provides highly personalised information, advice, and reminders for men on their HIV journey. The focus is on awareness, testing, initiation and adherence support. MenConnect is debuting in 27 PEPFAR priority districts in South Africa.


MenConnect is accessible via mid- and lower-end mobile phones and will be accessible via SMS, USSD and WhatsApp.

MenConnect, as part of MINA. For Men. For Health, aims to augment traditional approaches to HIV programming for men, improve men’s relationship with the healthcare system, and have measurable impact. A key goal is to improve men’s experience and perception of their HIV treatment journey. Impact goals include promoting adherence, ensuring men stay virologically suppressed, and promoting “Undetectable = Untransmittable” (“U=U”) to reduce HIV transmission.

MenConnect is highly personalized
MenConnect is client-driven
MenConnnect offers advice and reminders

MenConnect supports men with:

  • Adherence messaging
  • Peer support
  • Educational HIV information
  • Healthcare navigation
  • Health awareness, including questions on mental status and non-communicable diseases
  • Encouraging men to engage their healthcare providers on their journey to health

MenConnect may also provide a training tool on empathy/compassion for healthcare providers.

Impact Data:  MenConnect is based on the very successful MomConnect—which reached more than 2 million pregnant women and was used in 95% of clinics and health facilities across the country.