About MenStar

We are the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Gilead Sciences, Johnson & Johnson, PEPFAR, The Global Fund, and Unitaid.

But it’s not about us.

It’s about the 3.2 million men we have helped bring into treatment— and the work we must all keep doing to end AIDS for all.

mamadi circle

"Private sector partners bring expertise in consumer marketing, segmentation, and experience design required to drive the next advancements in public health HIV care. The MenStar Coalition brings this expertise together in a coordinated way.”

Mamadi Yilla

Deputy Coordinator for Multisector Responsibility and Diplomacy, PEPFAR

Why Us

Seven impassioned public and private partners ...

MenStar is a unique coalition of partners founded to address the unique needs of men in the HIV epidemic and expand the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infections in men, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. The $1.2 billion coalition was launched by Elton John and Prince Harry at the AIDS Conference in Amsterdam in 2018. 


How We Do It

... focused on meeting clients where they are.

MenStar is ambitiously client-centered. Each partner brings unique capabilities to meaningfully engage men. Together we are reconstructing men’s relationship with healthcare by developing insight-driven, innovative programs to improve healthcare for men at each stage of the HIV treatment cascade.

These innovative programs are guided by a global MenStar Strategy and Core Package of services, designed to ensure that all our programming addresses the insights gleaned from speaking to thousands of men. 

By coordinating these efforts, we can bring more men back into care, and dramatically improve their healthcare experience.



We're making a difference. There's more to do.

We’ve brought many new men into treatment. Most are now virally suppressed. However we still face a major problem with retention. Men are dropping out of care. We must re-double our efforts to keep men on treatment.


Men newly initiated on treatment
1 %
Virally Suppressed