The Power of Partnership

Seven partners, one goal: achieving epidemic control by 2030 by understanding and meeting the needs of men.

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"The MenStar coalition is about partnership. Between major public and private donors. Between skilled experts from medicine to distribution and consumer marketing. But the most important relationship of all is our partnership with people at each stage of their HIV journey. We listen to them. We co-create programs with them. We help so they can them help themselves. And we rely on them to share their experience with their peers: that it is possible to be healthy and achieve all of your dreams regardless of your HIV status."

Clifford M. Samuel

Senior Vice President, Global Patient Solutions, Gilead Sciences

Children's Investment Fund Foundation

The Childrent’s Investment Fund (CIFF) is an independent philanthropic organisation
headquartered in London with offices in Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Beijing and New Delhi. CIFF
works with a wide range of partners seeking to transform and empower the lives of poor and vulnerable children and adolescents in developing countries, with the ultimate goal of solving seemingly intractable challenges to ensure all children and adolescents have the chance to survive and thrive.

CIFF aims to play a catalytic role as a funder and influencer to deliver urgent and systemic change at scale. Areas of work include empowering girls and boys to control their sexual and reproductive health to avoid unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion and HIV/AIDS; improving children and mothers’ health and nutrition; eliminating deaths from severe acute malnutrition, nested within a more integrated approach to childhood development; deworming efforts to break transmission for good; ending child labour and sexual exploitation; and working towards a climate-safe future for today’s children and future generations.

Elton John AIDS Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was established in 1992 and is one of the leading independent AIDS organisations in the world. The Foundation’s mission is simple: an end to the AIDS epidemic. With the mobilisation of our network of generous supporters and partners, we fund local experts across four continents to challenge discrimination, prevent infections and provide treatment as well as influencing governments to end AIDS.

Gilead Sciences

The way we see it, the impossible is not impossible. It’s simply what hasn’t been achieved yet. For more than 30 years, we’ve pursued it, chased it down, tackled it for answers and surrounded it for a way in. We have worked tirelessly to bring forward medicines for life-threatening diseases.

Creating Possible drives everything we do. It’s evident in our mission and core values. This is how we built a culture of excellence that is fueled by a passion for improving lives of people around the world.

For us, nothing is impossible – because of the people we work with, the communities we stand with and the partners we push forward with. Our ~12,000 employees band together through science, grit, compassion and courage to prove the impossible wrong.

At Gilead, the tangible results of your contributions are evident. Where every individual matters. Where all employees can enhance their skills through ongoing development. And where we start every day with one question: “What’s next?”

Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. That’s why for more than 130 years, we have aimed to keep people well at every age and every stage of life. Today, as the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, we are committed to using our reach and size for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. We are blending our heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. Learn more at Follow us at @JNJNews.

“Breaking the cycle of transmission of HIV among men in Africa is critical in order to change the trajectory of the HIV epidemic,” said Martin Fitchet, M.D., Global Head, Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson. “Over the course of 24 months, leveraging the scientific innovation and behavior-based capabilities here at Johnson & Johnson, our teams have been able to develop and deploy innovative marketing and communication techniques to help ensure that young men’s needs are being addressed and that they feel adequately capable to access care.  By engaging them in care we can protect their health and ensure young women and girls who are disproportionately impacted by HIV are equally protected.  Only by bringing together the right partners and a broad set of capabilities we will ultimately make HIV history. ”



PEPFAR is the largest commitment by any nation to address a single disease in history, having invested over $100 billion in the global AIDS response since 2003. Managed and overseen by the U.S. Department of State, and through the compassion and generosity of the American people, PEPFAR has saved over 21 million lives, prevented millions of infections, and accelerated progress toward achieving HIV epidemic control.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The Global Fund is a partnership designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics. As an international organization, the Global Fund mobilizes and invests more than US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in more than 100 countries. In partnership with governments, civil society, technical agencies, the private sector and people affected by the diseases, we are challenging barriers and embracing innovation.

In 2000, AIDS, TB and malaria appeared to be unstoppable. In many countries, AIDS devastated an entire generation, leaving countless orphans and shattered communities. Malaria killed young children and pregnant women unable to protect themselves from mosquitoes or access life-saving medicine. TB unfairly afflicted the poor, as it had for millennia.

The world fought back. As a partnership of governments, civil society, technical agencies, the private sector and people affected by the diseases, the Global Fund pools the world’s resources to invest strategically in programs to end AIDS, TB and malaria as epidemics


Unitaid is an international organisation that invests in innovations to prevent, diagnose and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria more quickly, affordably and effectively. We also work to improve access to diagnostics and treatment for HIV co-infections such as hepatitis C and human papillomavirus (HPV). Unitaid is a hosted partnership of the World Health Organization (WHO).

We provide health partners with short-term financial grants, targeted to achieve maximum impact. For example:

Our investments played a key role in bringing about a tenfold price reduction for antiretroviral treatment for HIV.

Unitaid researches and identifies new health solutions with potential to alleviate the burden of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, as well as HIV co-infections including hepatitis C.

Since its establishment in 2006, Unitaid has received about US $3 billion in contributions from donors. Unitaid’s main donors are France, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Brazil, Spain, the Republic of Korea, and Chile.

A key source of income is innovative financing, specifically the solidarity levy on airline tickets implemented by France, which was later adopted by a number of other countries (including Cameroon, Chile, Congo, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Niger, and the Republic of Korea).

Dr. Philippe Duneton, Unitaid Executive Director, a.i., said, “Unitaid is proud to be a member of the MenStar Coalition supporting innovative approaches to deliver HIV testing and treatment services to men. Increasing access to diagnosis and treatment of HIV infections in men is key to breaking the cycle of HIV transmission.” He continues “If we are to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, we need more bold initiatives such as MenStar.”