Chukua Selfie

An unconventional approach to a social issue

A movement of the youth, by the youth, for the youth

The now wildly popular #CHUKUA Selfie story began in March 2019 …..

We launched the campaign in two phases:

Teaser Phase

Phase 1: We launched the campaign with a teaser video of a girl annoyed and distressed at her partner for putting her at risk of contracting HIV. With the help of influencers who ‘caught wind of the story’  and started talking about it, we managed to get the attention of online users who engaged in the conversation. A few weeks later, we launched the Chukua Selfie song which garnered 2.6 million views.

Conversion Phase

Phase 2: The conversion phase involves maintaining awareness on the importance of HIVST in a time of COVID-19.  The campaign slogan – AmuaKujua. Chukua Selfie (Decide to Know.  Take a selfie) promotes HIVST as the one thing that gives you control at a time of great uncertainty.  The campaign seeks to maintain awareness of HIVST at points of access such as retail pharmacies, online pharmacies and community and public health facility distribution points.  In addition, digital and radio are used for maintaining awareness

Amua Kujua means “Decide to Know.”

The language appeared across a fully integrated multimedia campaign.

Social media
Outdoor signage

The Chukua Selfie how-to video on conducting an HIV self-test received even more attention: 3.6 million views.

The how-to video on conducting a self-test received even more attention: 3.6 million views.

What makes the intervention unique: The campaign connects with the youth through the wildly popular Chukua Selfie Music Video and the Selfie finger salute.  All these made popular by well-known artiste among the youth.


  • 3.6M Total Reach – Number of individual people who saw the ad.
  • 2.12M YouTube Views – Organic views: 649,077. Paid views: 1,477,501.
  • 3.2K Saves to Phone – This was three times more than what we estimated.
  • 35% Engagement Rate – The rate of engagements received from the ads served to users.
Engagement Rate – the rate of engagements received from the ads served to users.

Actions consumers took as a result of the campaign.