Uganda Differentiated Service Delivery

Description/Activities:  Geo-mapping of existing health facilities and pharmacies; assisting MoH in the development of alternative models and channels to increase reach to ROCs  based on results of geo-analysis ; making government ARVs and other medicines available at alternative pick up points.

What Makes the Intervention Unique/Different: Creates impact by bringing medicines closer to stable ROC,  developing or identifying alternative, more convenient pickup points for stable ROC to receive their ARVs, helps to decongest the existing health facilities; opportunity to replicate with other disease treatment programmes; sets up working partnership between MOH and private sector for benefit of ROC.

Impact Data:  Over 8,000 health facilities and retail pharmacies mapped in Uganda, against PLHIV population distribution, distances to facilities and underserved areas; identifying congested facilities; identifying new areas and sites for health care services; demonstrated capability to decant ROC to alternative PUPs.

Reference/Website:  ARC