Index Testing Among Men

Description/Activities:  Training for primary counselors on interpersonal communication, counseling, gender norms, and stigma; intensive monitoring of index testing results in weekly dashboard and mentoring visits to high volume sites; Holiday logbook to pre-book contacts who live in other countries but visit during holidays; offering index testing to virally unsuppressed ART clients; strengthened IPV screening (3% documented risk); harmonized index testing register for facility and community index; active collaboration with community index testing IPs for tracking elicited contacts outside facilities; weekly line listing and analysis of HTS_POS who have not been initiated

What Makes the Intervention Unique/Different:  a holistic approach to index testing; innovative interventions such as the “Holiday Book”; the increased focus on fidelity has made this intervention successful

Impact Data:  Index testing yield trends among males increased from 18% to as high as 34% even during an economic and health sector crisis in FY19; there was significant improvement in index testing quality during FY19

Reference/Website:  COP20 Zimbabwe Opening Plenary Slides