Newly on Treatment

While testing might be a man’s first healthcare experience, the first 90 days on treatment are critical. Will the experience encourage him to continue to stay on treatment and go on to live a healthy life? Innovations at this stage focus on helping, guiding and supporting men—and improving the clinic experience.

A man engages with MenConnect by MINA For Men. For Health. This WhatsApp-based digital platform helps men in the crucial first 90 days of treatment—and beyond

Newly on Treatment
This randomized control trial recruited ~1,000 people (43% men) to receive a CBHS intervention (monthly support groups and community delivery of ART) at 10 sites in Tanzania (across 4 regions). We compared outcome results to ~1,000 people receiving the standard of care at 10 matched sites in the same regions. The intervention was implemented for over a 12-month period, and HIV outcome measures were compared.
Transition to TLD: Support national ART guidance revision to reflect the current WHO guidelines for rapid and safe transition to TLD regimen; transition completely out of Nevirapine-based regimen for all adults. Malawi Male viral load suppression increased throughout the year from 53% to as high as 96% after DTG transition as compared to 46% to …